Why Printing in Bulk on books or brochure is a good idea

Most companies uses brochures for their marketing purposes, some used for particular event, some are used for the whole year. When you come to print your company brochures for a whole year, you can go for bulk offset printing. It is very cost effective and many professional printing companies like ZRHPrint can give you a better price.

There is much difference in pricing for digital print and offset print. If you have small Quantities of brochures to print, digital print is the best option. It gives the quality as offset. But if you want bulk printing, Offset is the way to go.

Most companies have their yearly brochures to be redesigned every year and get it printed. It will be a better option, if you get it printed all at one.  You can simply work out a strategy. You can see how many brochures you need every month and how much time required it to get printed. Then you can calculate how many brochures you might require for 1 year.  With keeping the yearly quantity in mind, you can ask professional printing companies like ZRHPrint for a bulk Quote. You can see that the price you can get for monthly printing as well as for full whole year will be very low. The yearly quantity price will be almost 40% less than your monthly printing cost.

Why the offset printing in bulk can give you so low price. ? Well the reason is once you start the printing for sheets in offset, the better to print as many print at one time before the pages are printed out. The pre-production work involves in offset printing is more as the design has to be separated to plates. And  each plates has to be loaded into offset printing machines and calibrated and aligned to get the correct pictures.  So once its all done, then the printing can be done on as many sheets quickly. Some Offset printing machines like Heidelberg can print 12,000-14,000 sheets per hour.

So before you set out to print in bulk brochures, check what your bulk quantity is and how you can get a better price for your bulk printing.

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