Quality Control

The printing process is more complex than ever before. Customers are demanding higher and more consistent quality print jobs, leaving less room for variations and defects—once accepted as part of the printing process. Printing, while still an art form, has evolved into a science in order to meet the need for print consistency. Specifications, measurements, and controls are critical in every department of a plant to ensure predictable, reliable printing and a quality finished product.

When the printing process is controlled, the resulting printed pieces are consistent and better in terms of productivity, quality, and cost. In addition, using quality and process control products help to build customer confidence and satisfaction, increased credibility, and, in turn, repeat customers.

Throughout the manufacturing process, from the point where raw materials are received, to finished products being dispatched, all processes are closely monitored. Within our advanced and well-equipped in-house laboratory, ZRHPrint Packaging’s Quality Assurance team members check and double check each manufacturing process.

In Process Quality Control
• Ink Adhesion Test
• CCD Printing Inspection
• Solvent Retention Test
• Barcode Test

• Adhesive Coating Weight
• Solvent Retention Test
• Lamination Bond Strength

• Solvent Retention Test
• Lamination Bond Strength

• Size Check
• COF (coefficient of Fiction)

Pouch making
• Dimension
• Sealing Strength
• Pressure Test
• Leakage Test
• Retort Test
• Drop Test

Final Inspection
• Size and Specification Check
• Solvent Retention Check
• Printing Check
• Barcode Check
• Appearance Check
• Sealing Strength Check
• Micro-organism Check