Printing: Steps involved in book printing

Printing: Steps involved in book printing

Many customers ask me about the printing procedures and steps involved in printing. Printing book also involves many processes like manufacturing anything before getting the finished product. So below I will go to explain to you what at the steps involved in book printing.

Pocket Books

  1. First thing is to get the final design from the customer, review it checked for any error, any missing pictures  and checking if sizes and colors are ok.. All in all one of the most important process, anything goes from here cannot come back and if there is any error, it is financial disaster if it’s in high quantity.
  2. After design is checked, it is send to pre-press to CTP machines to make plates for each sheets. These plates were then loaded to the offset printing press to print on sheets. If your book has a color picture, then there should be 4 plates made for each Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black color.
  3. Once the plates are loaded onto the machines, the printing starts. Each sheets will contains 8 – 16pages depends upon the book size.
  4. After all sheets are printed, they are folded 3 or 4 times. This makes all pages to come together, but the edges will be still joined.
  5. These folded sheets are arranged with other sheets to make the complete inside pages.
  6. The folded sheets are stitched together to give the book the strength.
  7. At the same time, the cover sheets are printed at another printing machine.
  8. If you require Gloss or Matt Finish, a layer of thin pvc is placed on the top of cover to give it Gloss/Matt Finish
  9. Once the inside pages are stitch sewn, it is pasted with the cover using the machines.
  10. The last process is trimming, all the books are bundled together and trimmed to the desired size as specified by the cut lines on edges.


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