Brochure Printing: Cover should be Gloss or Matt Finish ?

Brochure Printing: Cover should be Gloss or Matt Finish ?

Brochures and books and printed with Covers and on of the most important questions asked by clients and companies is that whether they should go for a matt finish cover or Gloss Finish cover for their brochure printing. If you look at it then, it is more of the personal choice and depends on the project. Most printing companies do Gloss finish on the cover automatically. A cover cannot be kept without any finishing and it will damage the paper and the printed design, so giving a finishing touch is a must. By default printing companies automatically do Gloss finishing on the cover. But for some projects Matt finish also looks better.
Single side Brochures
Gloss finish is everywhere, most customers prefer gloss finish as the colors and graphics looks great in it. The high resolution pictures and colors make the image more bring and catch your eyes instantly. It is one benefits of glossy finish is that it colors and graphics looks best in Gloss Finish.

Matt finish is more associated with brochures which want to convey elegance and richness to the images. It has warm and soft effects. Most companies use matt finish for any products which is more expensive like jewelries, high end luxury products and packing’s. Matt finish may surprise you if your design has gradients and subdued colors.

More of finishing is of personal choice. For advertising and marketing, brochures are one of the important aspects and getting a good brochure printing is very vital to your marketing startrgey. So look around at the various kinds of brochures printed and see which finish is best suited for your product. ZRHPrint is one of the best companies based in china for brochure printing.

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