Printing: Check list before sending out the Design in CD for printing

May 16, 2012

Printing: Check list before sending out the Design in CD for printing

As a designer, it’s always you who has to make sure that when you send the design for the printer, it has everything the printer need to make the exact

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impression on paper. Sometimes you get the final approval for the design and you prepare the CD to send to the printing company. Later on you get a call to

say about the missing fonts or the bleed is not correct or size issues. It delays the project and a designer is blamed for the loss of time. So as a printing

company ourselves, we would like to mention some details which you can check before sending out the design.

Bleed : All design and pages must have a min bleed of 3 mm from the cut area
CMYK: Whether you make it in Illustrator or Indesign or Corel draw, all your images and pictures must be in CMYK format.
Font: One of the main concerns for is printing company is regarding the fonts. All fonts used in the design is not necessarily available at the printer side.

so it’s always better to double check which ever font used in the design and included in the CD as a separate folder.
In case you don’t want any changes to be done and 100% sure the design and fonts are ok, then it’s always better to convert all fonts to vector or outline.

This way printing company doesn’t have to worry about the font issue.
Linked Files : Other important things to include all linked files. Most linked files will be created in Photoshop so it will be a bigger size file, which

will be more difficult to send via internet in case you missed it. So its always better to double check all the linked files and included on the CD.
Pantone Color: In case your design has a Pantone shade other than CMYK, it’s always better to mention that in the bottom of the page.

These are few think to keep in mind and check it before sending it to the printing company. ZRHPrint has in-house design team which can take care of the

small corrections, but sometimes the print job has to be done in tight schedule and getting the files again will take time. So always better do this


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