How to publish your own Book???

May 11, 2011

Suzie Brown and her four sisters wished to make a compilation of their recipes and culinary foibles. But the result was a pile of repeated rejection letters from book publishers and agents. It was then that Mrs. Brown went online to find a publisher on-demand who prints copies for you as needed, one at a time. It is with an air of contentment that Mrs. Brown says of her book, “Bound by Recipes”, ” I just wanted something in my hand, and I had it within days”.

The book has been sold of over 1000 copies since its publication. Brown who is a play artist enjoyed her new role of authorship and the talks at stores at her hometown in Kent.”It’s been so much fun to have a book on my own name and having full control over the process”, Brown says.

Ever wanted to print a book on your own name? Let it be a Family history, diary or photo compilations. You have a world of publishing opened up through the Internet. Companies like have linked self-publishing authors like Mrs. Brown to on-demand printers and binders. ZRHprint, using digital printing technology, can produce single book at a reasonable cost. A few make even good money for the creators.

Our digital Printing differs from traditional vanity presses in that they print items for a fixed cost per copy. Which means that it saves you from paying upfront all the money for an order of books, often in hundreds. Now that’s more than you need to get started! Though the cost per copy printed is higher, a vast majority of self-publishers find this new digital printing service very cheap when it comes to overall cost.

Printing in China offers you high quality printing services at an exceptionally attractive lowest price. The cost effective, high quality printing and publishing services in China, the ease in placing orders and the quick delivery system have attracted more and more self-publishing authors to Companies like ZRHPrint and get their books published in China.

And what more!! You have a full control over the entire publishing process.

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