ZRH Print management team possesses more than 15 years experience in the packaging & printing industry and ZRH Print has been providing one-stop in-house packaging & printing solutions to clients worldwide. With various printing & packaging facilities in China, we specialize in providing a wide range of high volume packaging , book printing and other packaging solutions.

Our success is based on creative thinking in production and profession in quality & excellent customer service. Based on our experience and know-how in print technology, our production team are highly efficient in problem solving and production improvement. Most important of all, every member of our overseas business development team can speak & write fluent English and fully understand customer requirements without misinterpretation so as to ensure to meet all of your expectations efficiently & effectively.

Our Specialties include:

Commercial Packaging
Over 70% of our products belong to all sorts of paper packaging for commercial products and toy products. Our flexible set-up, including multi size printing presses, enables us to accomplish high-quality production of any unique design, both in size and shape. We know your boxes may also come with manuals or instruction cards, our fully in-house and highly professional book production team can accomplish your needs without sourcing around. Our operation is 24×7, with over 300 skillful workers and printing experts on site. We can achieve high quality in high volume with full commitment.

Board/ Pop-up Books
Producing board books and pop-up books, both present unique technical challenges.  ZRHPrint management has good experience in board book / pop-up book printing, and has developed a team of product consultants to help to improve product design during mock up stage and detect any potential difficulties to save you from any unnecessary cost during production process.

We understand the stationary business is just as competitive as printing industry.  In order to make your products stand out from crowd, not only shall you find a professional printing partner, but also the one with strong sense of creativity and abilities of providing excellent service.  ZRH Print is dedicated to applying our professional knowledge in printing and production to help you to bring cost down and to suggesting improvements in design

Gift Packaging
The factory assembly line in China has over 300 skillful workers to fulfill your labor intensive production needs. Through years of experience, our product engineers and design team leaders manage to accomplish the most complicated designs very efficiently for customers. Taking advantage of the position of Southern China as the World Printing Factory with good infrastructure, ZRH Print has developed a strong team of professional, who enables us to find some unique materials to coincide your design whenever necessary.  In addition to tight supervision from our procurement team, superior material quality and cost control are also guaranteed.  Our combination of skill sets can further enhance your product uniqueness in this competitive market.

We assure that each design you entrust us will be impeccably duplicated and printed with exquisite style. Our clients consist some of the biggest international brands.