Why Book printing in Large Volumes gives you Much Better Value

May 29, 2012

When you look at the prices for book printing of 500 pcs or 5000 pcs, the price of smaller quantities is more than 3 times higher than the larger quantity… What’s the reason for it.. ? The reason for it can be found in the process involved in the book printing. The pages and covers [...]

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Printing: Steps involved in book printing

May 22, 2012

Printing: Steps involved in book printing Many customers ask me about the printing procedures and steps involved in printing. Printing book also involves many processes like manufacturing anything before getting the finished product. So below I will go to explain to you what at the steps involved in book printing. First thing is to get [...]

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Book Printing: What specifications needed for a appropriate Quote for Book Printing

May 9, 2012

Due to the advancement of technology, many people who write their own book, want to print their books too. In earlier days, the books are sent to a publisher and once the publisher approved the book, then only it goes to printing, but now your books can be printed in the matter of days using [...]

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How your books are printed ?

March 5, 2012

Whatever you read today, whether it’s a magazine or a book , a brochure or a leaflet, its all printed in offset printing machines using the offset printing process.. It’s just not a single process of printing, it involves several pre-process works as well as post printing works which gives the finished book or magazine. [...]

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How Digital Printing helps in Offset printing

February 28, 2012

Working in the printing industry and design industry for more than 10 years, I have experience a lot of changes happen in terms of printing technology. As a designer in earlier years, I have been continuously designing brochures, catalogues, packaging boxes and other designs for products and all these has to be send to printed [...]

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How right Printing service can increase your sales and help in your business marketing

February 27, 2012

Printing is one of the oldest professions in the world. For many years people and printing books and brochures to convey their message and services. A printed brochure can be easily carried by the customer and can look into it at their leisure time. There and many companies like ZRHPrint which caters to the printing [...]

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Best Experience for Book Print in China

February 23, 2012

Where you can find the low cost and high quality book print in China? Best experience you can have the chance to approach is here www.zrhprint.com . Best buy with the book print in China, where you should go? Following will list the details you need about knowing more information about the printing industry in [...]

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Book printing at Lower cost in china

February 21, 2012

In these financial uncertainties, main printing companies are looking for lower the production cost and get their Book printed in lower cost. Also many authors want to print their books for short run and looking for an affordable printing company to do so. China is one place to look into. It has a long tradition [...]

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How to get Book printing from china at lower Cost

February 8, 2012

How to get Book printing from china at lower Cost? Printing books and catalogues are one of the best ways of promoting your business. So, if you are planning to print a book in large quantity, why not get it done in china via professional printing company like ZRHPrint. You have to look for a [...]

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What process involved in a book printing

February 6, 2012

What process involved in a book printing? Books are still popular way of reading even though our life has filled with laptops and smart phones from which we can get information. Most people still like to read stories and novels from books. It’s a different feeling to hold the book and read it in a [...]

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