Pantone Spot Color or Full Color Printing

May 30, 2012

Printing companies like ZRHPrint offer both printing in Spot color or Offset colors. It often comes as a surprise to learn that ‘spot color’ printing (one or two colors of ink) can be more expensive than full color printing, especially on smaller quantities of print.
Childrens Book-4

The reason is to do with labor. Full color printing always uses the same four colors of ink — cyan, magenta, yellow and black — so a full color press is always loaded with those inks, known as ‘process colors’.

By contrast, a spot color job needs ink colors mixing specially for it. This spot is loaded onto a offset printing machine, the job is printed, and the press must then be washed down ready for the next colors of inks it will use.

This mixing, loading and washing down is relatively labor intensive and this is reflected in the cost of spot color jobs. Unless your job needs a specific color which cannot be accurately reproduced using the four process colors, it is usually best to avoid spot colors.

Of course, there may be situations where a special ink is required, such as a metallic or fluorescent color. Often this is added afterwards as a fifth color and we can quote for such situations using our computerized quoting system.

ZRHPrint have experience and ability to print more than 4 colors, 5 colors and upto 8 colors printing.. Weather printing books or packaging, printing in spot color is space in newspapers or magazines. Advertising on television and radio are expensive means for average business.

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Why Book printing in Large Volumes gives you Much Better Value

May 29, 2012

When you look at the prices for book printing of 500 pcs or 5000 pcs, the price of smaller quantities is more than 3 times higher than the larger quantity… What’s the reason for it.. ?
Childrens Book-2

The reason for it can be found in the process involved in the book printing. The pages and covers are printed with lithographic printing, which uses aluminum sheets to transfer the ink from the ink tray to the paper. Manu rollers are used in between to keep the intensity of ink at check.
Producing the plates is costly, but once they are made, you can produce as much as impressions on the paper. Weather a few thousands or millions. The cost of paper and ink is comparatively small compared to the plates..
The plates can be kept in safe for any future need and in case the customer need a reprint. Today the plates are manufactured by CTP systems which is cost effective and environment friendly. Most printing companies like ZRHPrint have automated CTP systems which save time and lower the cost.
Other process like swen, binding and cutting require equal amount of time, since the initial cost of setting up the process is costly, so its always better to print a larger quantity at one time, instead of smaller print run.
So plan accordingly and plan ahead, check your printing requirement for a longer period of time, instead of printing few quantities at regular interval, if you print a larger quantity one time, it will give you much lower cost in long run.

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Promotional printing forms and integral part of business marketing

May 26, 2012

Promotional printing forms an integral part of business marketing. It gives your business, name recognition – takes your business identity to customers far and wide. What makes promotional printing a much sought after form of advertising is that the different options available make it a less obvious way of promoting your company and products.

Brochure Printing

There is a wide range of items in promotional printing. Here are a few items widely used.


Letterheads indeed are your company’s signature. It is a cost-effective, yet potential tool that establishes your company’s name in the business world.

Letterheads are used for all mail outs of a company, from invoicing to letters.

Get printed high-quality, impressive letterheads for your business at ZRHPrint with no limits to your design possibilities.


Mailing customers and associates is part of everyday business routine. Custom printed envelopes are ideal for business as they reinforce brand recall. Use these envelopes as a good compliment for your marketing letter or printed material.

Matching custom printed envelopes and letterheads printed from ZRHPrint gives your company a complete professional image.


Promotional calendars are cost-effective tool for brand awareness. Use custom made calendars as promotional gifts at the end of the year or even mid way to announce the new financial year. These promotional gifts promote your company name, logo and message through-out the year.


Promotional printing is an inexpensive form of advertising to get your company a wide scale exposure in the business market. It is a free advertising – you don’t have to buy advertising space in newspapers or magazines. Advertising on television and radio are expensive means for average business.

With promotional prints, you can stretch the reach of your business identity far and wide.

ZRHPrint offers a wide range of items for you. Some of them are:

Greeting cards, Gift Vouchers, Postcards

You can improve your customer relations by giving customers something personalized. These could be greeting cards, gift vouchers or postcards.

Greeting cards are not limited for the holidays, but also can be sent on birthdays and other special events to your potential customers. It helps to deepen your business relationships.

Postcards are effective tool in direct mail marketing. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to grab attention to your business.

Gift vouchers have become a hot promotional item at present. With your brand name or logo included, it forms a perfect promotional item.

At a company like ZRHPrint, who has rich experience in printing, you can get high-quality, impressive, yet with a touch of professionalism, promotional items your business.

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Printing: Steps involved in book printing

May 22, 2012

Printing: Steps involved in book printing

Many customers ask me about the printing procedures and steps involved in printing. Printing book also involves many processes like manufacturing anything before getting the finished product. So below I will go to explain to you what at the steps involved in book printing.

Pocket Books

  1. First thing is to get the final design from the customer, review it checked for any error, any missing pictures  and checking if sizes and colors are ok.. All in all one of the most important process, anything goes from here cannot come back and if there is any error, it is financial disaster if it’s in high quantity.
  2. After design is checked, it is send to pre-press to CTP machines to make plates for each sheets. These plates were then loaded to the offset printing press to print on sheets. If your book has a color picture, then there should be 4 plates made for each Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black color.
  3. Once the plates are loaded onto the machines, the printing starts. Each sheets will contains 8 – 16pages depends upon the book size.
  4. After all sheets are printed, they are folded 3 or 4 times. This makes all pages to come together, but the edges will be still joined.
  5. These folded sheets are arranged with other sheets to make the complete inside pages.
  6. The folded sheets are stitched together to give the book the strength.
  7. At the same time, the cover sheets are printed at another printing machine.
  8. If you require Gloss or Matt Finish, a layer of thin pvc is placed on the top of cover to give it Gloss/Matt Finish
  9. Once the inside pages are stitch sewn, it is pasted with the cover using the machines.
  10. The last process is trimming, all the books are bundled together and trimmed to the desired size as specified by the cut lines on edges.

ZRHPrint has the complete facility for book printing to be done inhouse, check our facility here.

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Printing: Check list before sending out the Design in CD for printing

May 16, 2012

Printing: Check list before sending out the Design in CD for printing

As a designer, it’s always you who has to make sure that when you send the design for the printer, it has everything the printer need to make the exact

Soft Cover Book

impression on paper. Sometimes you get the final approval for the design and you prepare the CD to send to the printing company. Later on you get a call to

say about the missing fonts or the bleed is not correct or size issues. It delays the project and a designer is blamed for the loss of time. So as a printing

company ourselves, we would like to mention some details which you can check before sending out the design.

Bleed : All design and pages must have a min bleed of 3 mm from the cut area
CMYK: Whether you make it in Illustrator or Indesign or Corel draw, all your images and pictures must be in CMYK format.
Font: One of the main concerns for is printing company is regarding the fonts. All fonts used in the design is not necessarily available at the printer side.

so it’s always better to double check which ever font used in the design and included in the CD as a separate folder.
In case you don’t want any changes to be done and 100% sure the design and fonts are ok, then it’s always better to convert all fonts to vector or outline.

This way printing company doesn’t have to worry about the font issue.
Linked Files : Other important things to include all linked files. Most linked files will be created in Photoshop so it will be a bigger size file, which

will be more difficult to send via internet in case you missed it. So its always better to double check all the linked files and included on the CD.
Pantone Color: In case your design has a Pantone shade other than CMYK, it’s always better to mention that in the bottom of the page.

These are few think to keep in mind and check it before sending it to the printing company. ZRHPrint has in-house design team which can take care of the

small corrections, but sometimes the print job has to be done in tight schedule and getting the files again will take time. So always better do this


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Brochure Printing: Cover should be Gloss or Matt Finish ?

May 14, 2012

Brochure Printing: Cover should be Gloss or Matt Finish ?

Brochures and books and printed with Covers and on of the most important questions asked by clients and companies is that whether they should go for a matt finish cover or Gloss Finish cover for their brochure printing. If you look at it then, it is more of the personal choice and depends on the project. Most printing companies do Gloss finish on the cover automatically. A cover cannot be kept without any finishing and it will damage the paper and the printed design, so giving a finishing touch is a must. By default printing companies automatically do Gloss finishing on the cover. But for some projects Matt finish also looks better.
Single side Brochures
Gloss finish is everywhere, most customers prefer gloss finish as the colors and graphics looks great in it. The high resolution pictures and colors make the image more bring and catch your eyes instantly. It is one benefits of glossy finish is that it colors and graphics looks best in Gloss Finish.

Matt finish is more associated with brochures which want to convey elegance and richness to the images. It has warm and soft effects. Most companies use matt finish for any products which is more expensive like jewelries, high end luxury products and packing’s. Matt finish may surprise you if your design has gradients and subdued colors.

More of finishing is of personal choice. For advertising and marketing, brochures are one of the important aspects and getting a good brochure printing is very vital to your marketing startrgey. So look around at the various kinds of brochures printed and see which finish is best suited for your product. ZRHPrint is one of the best companies based in china for brochure printing.

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Brochure Printing: Achieve a better Quality printing for your brochures

May 10, 2012

Brochure Printing: Achieve a better Quality printing for your brochures

Printing technologies has been changes a lot from olden days when everything has done manually and it was am nightmare for creative people to get their ideas realized on paper. But with the advancement of technologies, computers and creative software, people and realizing their crazy ideas on screen and advanced printing machines and realizing their creativity on paper. Magazine and book printing can be finishing in days where earlier it took few months to complete one bulk job.

Quality of your brochures depends on many things. First and foremost is the design. The design is the first think your client see and the design has the power to attract them at first sight. You can use various kinds of design or colors to make your brochures. Full color brochures, 2 color brochures or try color brochures are various types of options available now for you to choose. Its always better to use a professional designer to design the brochure for you.

Once you brochure is done, now you have to check for the paper to print these brochures. You can ask your professional printing company like ZRHPrint, for samples. You can choose from various paper quality like A1 satin, Semi Gloss papers, Matt paper, Art paper or wood free papers. For company brochures we recommend to go for A1 satin paper. The colors will have a gloss effect when they were printed on these.

One more things which is important to make your brochure looks good is the finishing. There are two types , Gloss finish and Matt finish. Its an added process where the paper is coated with a thin layer of plastic. More gloss PVC will give more shine to your brochures and colors will get more brighter, where as matt finish will subdued the colors and it give a royal and fancy look to your brochures. You can choose which kind of finishing you want depending on the products you are marketing through these brochures.

Printing companies like ZRHPrint can print bulk quantities of brochures in very short time.

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Book Printing: What specifications needed for a appropriate Quote for Book Printing

May 9, 2012

Due to the advancement of technology, many people who write their own book, want to print their books too. In earlier days, the books are sent to a publisher and once the publisher approved the book, then only it goes to printing, but now your books can be printed in the matter of days using Digital printing. Book Printing is become more affordable to most of the people. But still offset printing is preferred by companies when that has a large Quantity to print. Its more cost effective and high Quality that digital Print. Now because of the communication advancement of internet, you can directly contact the printing companies like ours ZRHPrint. Many authors contact us directly when they are ready to print the books. So when you want to print a book, you have to provide these details to your printing company to get a better and accurate Quote for your book.
Size: You have to know what size of book you are going to print. Whether is in A4 ( 21 x 28.5 cm) size or a small book ( 14.8 x 21 cm )  or coffee table book ( 25 x 25 cm). Size is more important as it will determine how many sheets of paper is needed to print the book.
Hard Cover Books
Pages:  You can determine this when you design your book and your designer has put all your written materials on the book design software. After putting the text, images and arranging the fonts.. you will come to know exactly how many pages will be there in your book.
Hard Cover or Soft Cover : Hard cover books are more rigid and in a long run, they are more reliable. Hard cover books are made by pasting the paper sheets over a 3 pcs thick cardboard ( 1mm, 2, or 3mm) depending on your requirement and size. Where as a soft cover book is made with a thicker paper for covers than the inside pages.
Paper for Cover: Once you determine if you want to print a soft cover book or a Hard cover book, you have to know what should be the paper used for it. Mostly covers will be thicker than inside pages, so we use 150gsm, 200gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm, 350gsm or 400 gsm.
If you want hard cover, then it is recommended to use 157gsm paper over a 2mm or 3mm thick cardboard.
Paper for inside pages can be of lower gsm. You can use 50gsm ( thinner paper ) to 60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, 105gsm, 120gsm, 128gsm, 130gsm, 150gsm, 158gsm.
Color: Mostly if the book has a color image, then it is a full color print on the top and back cover, sometimes the design is on black and white, so only the printer has to print 1 time to get the image.. so its important to mention is it full color or 1-2 color for the image.
Same goes for the inside pages too., most books have only Black and white text on both side, so we call it ( 1+1) which understand as 1 color. If any pages has a image in color, then it becomes a full color and we have to call it ( 4+4)
Finishing: Finishing of the cover is something which can give a added look to your book. You can use Gloss finish or Matt finish on the covers. Not only give a new look to the covers, it also protects the book and cover from weathering out.
Binding: Most books are bind with Perfect Binding. If your book is thicker one, you can use Smythe sewn books which give added strength to your book.
For more information on book printing, you can contact

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Stickers: Reach deep into to your target customers

April 26, 2012

Stickers are one of the efficient forms of promotion for your services and products. It is one of those tools, which can show and inform about your services to a large section of customers irrespective of places. Many sticker designs are available, but one of the most known stickers is the bumper stickers. It is one of the best options for outdoor marketing for your services. Since these bumper stickers are made of Vinyl materials, it ensures long lasting life time.

You can make any type of stickers which can be used for your promotion. Stickers are available in various sizes and colors and custom stickers can be manufactured by companies like ZRHPrint. Customer’s designs can be printed on various kinds of material like PVC, PET, Paper with Gloss, Transparent PVC and so on.  Mostly stickers are used for promotions as well as to put on products to show the specifications, logos or selling points.  This is a nice an cheap way to put across your products to a wider audience.
You can also print stickers and give you clients which will ensure a broader reach for your services. ZRHPrint Co. Ltd. print a wide range of stickers as per the customer’s requirements. It can be individually cut or kept in bulk for easy shipping. Contact us for more details on stickers.

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Right Printing Service for your Marketing

April 23, 2012

Single/double side Brochures
Printing has been around now and people are using it to promote there companies. Brochures, flyers and catalogues are printed and distributed to customers and clients to give them a better understanding of your business. You can also use printing services for your advertising, Marketing purposes and promotional activities for your company.
Today, due to the advancement of machines and computers, printing has become more affordable. You can choose to print in Offset printing or in Digital printing based on your requirements. If you are looking for a bulk quantity, then offset printing can get it done at a lower cost. But if you want a small quantities for a one day promotion, then digital print is the way to go..
We at ZRHPrint offer wide range of printing services from Book Printing to Magazines, Box printing to stickers and labels. With our high end machinese for printing and binding, your books and magazines will be printed in highest Quality.

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