Why Book printing in Large Volumes gives you Much Better Value

May 29, 2012

When you look at the prices for book printing of 500 pcs or 5000 pcs, the price of smaller quantities is more than 3 times higher than the larger quantity… What’s the reason for it.. ?
Childrens Book-2

The reason for it can be found in the process involved in the book printing. The pages and covers are printed with lithographic printing, which uses aluminum sheets to transfer the ink from the ink tray to the paper. Manu rollers are used in between to keep the intensity of ink at check.
Producing the plates is costly, but once they are made, you can produce as much as impressions on the paper. Weather a few thousands or millions. The cost of paper and ink is comparatively small compared to the plates..
The plates can be kept in safe for any future need and in case the customer need a reprint. Today the plates are manufactured by CTP systems which is cost effective and environment friendly. Most printing companies like ZRHPrint have automated CTP systems which save time and lower the cost.
Other process like swen, binding and cutting require equal amount of time, since the initial cost of setting up the process is costly, so its always better to print a larger quantity at one time, instead of smaller print run.
So plan accordingly and plan ahead, check your printing requirement for a longer period of time, instead of printing few quantities at regular interval, if you print a larger quantity one time, it will give you much lower cost in long run.

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