How your books are printed ?

March 5, 2012

Whatever you read today, whether it’s a magazine or a book , a brochure or a leaflet, its all printed in offset printing machines using the offset printing process.. It’s just not a single process of printing, it involves several pre-process works as well as post printing works which gives the finished book or magazine.

Childrens Book-1

The printing can be divided in 3 broad categories.

  1. Pre-press
  2. Printing
  3. Post Press


Prepress will involved the designers and pre-press production people to check all the designs carefully, check for any error in text, pictures and color corrections. Once they did it , the printing plates separation in CMYK in different plates for production.


Once the plates are done, it is loaded into the high-speed offset printing machines, which can print 12,000 pages per hour. Every colors is matched with the reference designs. Before starting to print in bulk, the operator print few pages to check if all 4 colors are properly aligned, also the colors are good enough. Once satisfied, they go ahead and print the continuous bulk printing.


The last process in Post press process like, Swen the pages ( in case of books ) , Binding  like perfect bound or Stapple or thread, and the final process is Cutting the books as per the final size.


ZRHPrint provides all these process under one roof, so when your book enter our production facility, it comes out as a complete and finished products.


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