Why Printing in Bulk on books or brochure is a good idea

March 15, 2012

Most companies uses brochures for their marketing purposes, some used for particular event, some are used for the whole year. When you come to print your company brochures for a whole year, you can go for bulk offset printing. It is very cost effective and many professional printing companies like ZRHPrint can give you a [...]

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Why Children’s Books are important part of their growing years.. ?

March 14, 2012

Is there any child who doesn’t like to read? Looking at the beautiful pictures printed on the paper will just make any child happy. Children’s books are not only a form of entertainment to them but also give knowledge to them. Story books are the favorites of kids. They love to read or let their [...]

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Magazine Printing – Choose the right company

March 9, 2012

We all read magazines, sometimes we use it to kill time or just for entertainment. Magazines are a periodicals filled with various information published at a regular interval. It contains articles of various issues, stories, pictures and images, tips and world news. Many times of magazines available in market related to different issues like News, [...]

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How your books are printed ?

March 5, 2012

Whatever you read today, whether it’s a magazine or a book , a brochure or a leaflet, its all printed in offset printing machines using the offset printing process.. It’s just not a single process of printing, it involves several pre-process works as well as post printing works which gives the finished book or magazine. [...]

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