What process involved in a book printing

February 6, 2012

What process involved in a book printing?

Books are still popular way of reading even though our life has filled with laptops and smart phones from which we can get information. Most people still like to read stories and novels from books. It’s a different feeling to hold the book and read it in a lazy Sunday afternoon. All of us has read some book of the other, but did we ever though how the whole book is printed? What are the steps involved in Book printing. Many professional printing companies like our ZRHPrint make sure the books are printed in highest Quality. Let me introduce you on how a book is printed.


Soft Cover book printing


We can divide the Book printing in three different categories

  1. Pre-press or Pre-production.
  2. Offset Printing
  3. Finishing and Binding


Pre-Press or Preproduction

This is the most important aspect of the printing process. Once the design is given by the client, the pre-press employees check if everything is correct. They check for the actual size, colors and text if everything is visible and correct, there is no text or image out of bleed area other than if its already in the design.

Once the file is checked properly, the pages are arranged in an order so it can be printed on a large sheet of paper.

After that, printing plates are made for each sheets.. Each plate will consist of 6-8 or 18pages, based on the size of the books.

Once the plates are ready for all pages, the Offset printing begins


Offset Printing

This is where the actual printing of pages are done by Offset Printing. Large machines with rollers for colors are used to imprint the images and text from plates to the paper. If the page consists of various colors, then during the pre-press process there are 4 different plates for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black colors are made. These plates are loaded on the Offset printing machines. Once the paper is inserted, all 4 colors are printed one after another and when it is paper sheet comes out at other end. It will have the full image printed on it.


Once the sheets are printed, there are folded in 4 times of 16 times based on the size of the book.


Finishing and Binding

A book consists of Cover and inner pages and in book printing, finishing is very important.  Covers are also printed at the same time as the inside pages were print. The finishing process consists of threading, binding and Cutting.

Some customer asks for Gloss Finish or Matt finish for their covers. Then a thin layer of PVC is added on top of cover to give it the Gloss and matt finish effect.

All folded sheets are arranged as per the page no. so you can see if all pages are in order.

Another process is threading. It is a process where all pages are join together with the thread to give more strength.

Once the inside pages were all sewn with thread. Special Binding machines were used to bind the cover with the inside pages.

The last process is cutting. All books are collected in a batch of 10 or 15 and cut along the trim lines to give the exact size of books.


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