How Digital Printing helps in Offset printing

February 28, 2012

Working in the printing industry and design industry for more than 10 years, I have experience a lot of changes happen in terms of printing technology. As a designer in earlier years, I have been continuously designing brochures, catalogues, packaging boxes and other designs for products and all these has to be send to printed for printing. Before sending it to printing, the designs are checked and proof read for any mistakes. Printing the design with the ink jet printer will only appropriate for checking the text and layout, but not for colors. Printing larger size designs were a pain and often not done and checked in smaller size and approved.

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Arrival of digital printing is a boom for designers. The colors printed by Laser printers and large digital printers were accurate and larger prints can be printed in 1:1 size, which will give a designers to see how the designs will look in real world.  If any company has to print their brochures, the designer can make the designs and print it using digital printing and even bind to see how the brochure will looks. Before sending it for offset printing, its good to see how the brochures will come out when it is printed. It will be costly to correct any mistake happen in offset printing.

The other advantage of Digital printing is low cost. You don’t have to set up the whole pre-press as done in offset printing. The digital files can be printed in seconds at a fraction of cost of offset printing.

The last advantage is low volume. You cannot print few quantities by offset printing. Digital print will help us to print few quantities even 1 pcs.

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