Book printing at Lower cost in china

February 21, 2012

In these financial uncertainties, main printing companies are looking for lower the production cost and get their Book printed in lower cost. Also many authors want to print their books for short run and looking for an affordable printing company to do so. China is one place to look into. It has a long tradition of printing.

Childrens Book

The reason for printing at lower cost in china is not lower quality, but due to lower operation cost and lower labor cost.  Quality of books will be something which we don’t compromise on. Due to low material cost and labor cost, most printing companies in china can offer lower cost that their US or European counterparts. Another factory for lower cost is Quick turnaround for bulk quantity of books. An order for 2,00,000 pcs of books can be printed in 15 days without any compromise on Quality.


Various types of Books printing can be done in china like Children’s Book, Hard Cover Books, Soft Cover Books, Diaries, Notepads and Boxes. The option for custom design and size, will enable the client to get the book printed the way they wanted, not the way printer wanted to print.

With the latest machines for binding and cutting, the Book printing has become affordable to low volume too.


The possibility for Book Printing in china are infinite.

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