A Checklist for Getting Book Printing

February 4, 2012

Many times when you ask a professional book printing companies like ZRHPrint to quote for your book, you have to see if you are giving the full specification needed by printer to Quote the price. the prices of printing depends on many factors like the pages, paper quality to use, colors. These things will affect the prices of the books. Below is a checklist of points you have to see before asking for Quote.
Book Printing

  1. Trim Size : make sure that you should tell the exact size of the book printing. The final size will be after the bleed is cut. Normal standard sizes were 8.5 x 11” , 8.5 x 5.5’ . if you have special size, then better check with your printer.


  1. Quantity: the total quantity makes a big difference in prices. More the quantity, lower the price.


  1. Page count: The total no. of Pages in your book, excluding the cover.


  1. Inner Page Specification

a)      Gsm of the Page to be used. Whether its 80gsm, 90gsm, 100 gsm, 120 gsm, 128 gsm.

b)      Paper Quality : A1 Satin, Art Paper

c)       4 color printing or one color printing.

d)      Mention if there is any special Pantone color is needed.

e)      You want to print both sides of the pages or only one side.

f)       Finishing: Normally the inner pages will not have any lamination done. It increases the cost to laminate each pages with a layer of PVC for gloss or Matt finish. Most preferably use the natural gloss and natural matt finish for inner pages.


  1. Cover Specification: Before giving the cover specifications to printer, you have to choose whether your want to have a hard cover book or a soft cover book. Hard cover will add a thick cardboard to the cover and wrap it with the pages.

a)      If soft cover, then mention the Paper gsm like 150gsm, 200 gsm, 250 gsm, 300 gsm. Cover paper is normally thicker than the inner pages.

b)      If you want hard cover, then you have choices of 1mm, 1.5mm or 2mm thick cardboard. It will be wrapped around with 120-150gsm paper

c)       Color : Full color on top and back or inside too.

d)      Finishing : Gloss Finish or Matt Finish

e)      End paper for Hard cover Books, normally use the same paper as inner pages.


  1. Binding: Binding is a process of joining the inner pages with the outer cover. There are various options for binding. The more common ones are Perfect binding & staple binding,


All books manufactured by ZRHPrint is packed in high quality cartons which ensure the safety during transportation. But if you have special requirements like shrink wrapping, packing the cartons in pallets, special information stickers on cartons, shipping marks, you can inform us. We can make the pricing based on your requirement.

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