Types of Manuals printing

January 17, 2012

Manuals are an integral part of any products. You can find it whenever you buy new products. It’s there always. Why is it needed, well the most important function of manual is to let you know the details about the product. Its specification, how to install it and how to trouble shoot it in case there is any problem. Manual printing is one of the strong competitive edge for ZRHPrint.


There are many types of manuals based on the products you are selling.

  1. Soft Cover Book Manuals : these types of manuals are printed with high end consumer products like digital Camera’s, mobile phones computer. These not only explain each part of the products but also how to install various accessories.  These manuals are normally printed in Black and white with diagrams and pictures. Most manuals of this manual will have more pages and perfect bound is used for binding.
  2. Brochure Manual: these manuals are used when the information you want to mention is limited. It consists of few pages and normally staple bind is used.
  3. Flyers Manuals: these manuals are just one page manuals printed in full color or Black and white with installation procedure and diagrams. These are printed when the information is less like assembling a chair or a small electronics parts.

ZRHprint make sure that your manuals will be printed in high quality paper and in time bound manner. High quality and bigger quantity is printed in quick time frame.

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