Manual Printing Services from ZRHPrint

January 29, 2012

Manual Printing Services from ZRHPrint


You have a new product and you want to let people know how to use that product…? What you do. ? Well, you make a small booklet of instructions to use the products which is a User’s Manual. Manuals will tell us everything about the product we purchased. How to operate it, how to install it, what are the various function on the buttons or keys and also what we should do when be encounter a trouble with the product. Manuals are an integral part of product packaging and marketing.

There are numerous options available for the Manual printing. ZRHPrint can print these manuals based on your demand, in small quantity as well as in Bulk. Small quantities can be printed by our Digital Press with quick turnaround. If you demand is more and large quantities, then we have our very own Offset printing machines to do this job. Manual Printing in offset is the most cost effective way of printing.

Also ZRHPrint provide various options of Bindings for manuals. We can do Perfect bound, Staple bind, Plastic coil, Wire-O, Spiral, Comb and tape Binding. We are specialized in printing various kinds of Manuals such as:

User Manuals
Owner Manuals
Software Manuals
Hardware Manuals
How to Use Manuals
Trade Manuals
Technical Manuals
Industrial Manuals

ZRHPrint helps you to be ahead in this completive world by providing the most cost effective way to make your manuals. It helps the users to understand the product which in turns help your business to glow and increase the sale.  The complete process of manual printing can be finish under one roof in our factory. Prepress, Offset Printing, Bindery and finishing and cutting department is all available in our factory to complete a process from start to finish. Even the Carton packaging boxes are done in-house to reduce the cost.

Trust ZRHPrint with your manual printing and you will not be disappointed.

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