Magazine Printing: How to print your magazine successfully?

January 23, 2012

Magazine Printing: How to print your magazine successfully?
12 Page Gloss Magazine

As long as the paper was invented and printed books started comes to market, people like to read about various kinds of things other than News. It becomes a part of people’s life to read magazines. The information we get from magazines are informative as well and enjoyable. Various types of information’s can be put in magazines related to the particular category the magazine belongs.  Sometimes while reading a magazine, you will be thinking about how magazines are printed. ? Is it expensive to print those? What kinds of machines print these magazines?
Well magazines are printed just like any other printed books are done. The three main aspects of Magazine printing is
Collect the materials to be put in Magazines
Layout the magazine in the best possible way
Actual printing on paper and post production

Collect the materials to be put in Magazines
Proper planning is required to make the magazine. Magazines can be print for special occasions or for longer periods of time. The first things are to collect all the materials what you are going to put in the magazine.  Do your research around, take pictures, materials, text, short paragraphs or any kind of information you think is relevant to your magazine can be put. Organize everything at one place before starting the layout process

Layout the magazine in the best possible way
Layout the texts and pictures is very important. As a reader, they want all the text to be easily readable, colorful images and relevant information to be at one page. The best layout magazine will give a good feeling to the readers and they will be looking forward to your next issue. After layout you must prepare the layout for the printing company. Most companies have a pre-press division, which will take care of any errors in colors, but you must give them all the files which are used in the layout. If an image is not there when it is delivered to the printer, it will be a setback for your time schedule. So these things you have to make sure before giving to printer.
Your magazine must be made in software which can be opened by your printer. You can check with them what kind of software they use.
Put all the linked files like images and photos, linked eps files or TIFF files has to be included in the CD
All text must be outlined. In case you want to change something later on, then it’s better to give the fonts you have used in the files along with the file.
Check the size of the magazines and proper trim marks to be added.

Actual printing on paper and post production
This is the actual production of magazines using offset printing machines. Pre-press department will make the plates for different colors and give to the production floor, they put these plates onto the offset printing machines and do the final printing on pages. Once the pages were printed, they were folded or thread sewn to join all the pages together. One the pages were all bundled together, the next process is put the inside pages and the cover together. This process is called perfect bound. Some magazines are used staple bind instead of perfect bound. After the magazines are perfect bound with cover, it is cut along the trim lines to make the perfect Magazine.
ZRHPrint is one of the manufacturers those have vast experience in magazine printing, our automatic printing machines can print , bind and cut the magazines quickly, which reduce the cost considerably. Your magazine printing is done with at most care and precision to make sure that each one will be of best quality

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