How can you print the best Quality Magazine printing company?

January 16, 2012

How can you print the best Quality Magazine printing company?

Even in this age of smart phones and iPads, the charm of reading a magazine is not lost. People like to hold the printed magazine in their hand and read it. People still wait for the new issue of their favourite magazine at stands and ready to buy it. There are many kinds of magazines targeted at various sections. Various categories of Magazines are available in market. For News, for women, Men’s Magazines, Sports Magazines, Health Magazines, Electronics Magazines and so on.. ZRHPrint is one of the leading printers for Magazine printing.

The most important aspects of Magazine printing is to deliver it on time. Most magazines will be monthly magazines or Quarterly, so printing in a tight timeframe is a must, and delay will result in a catastrophic loss for the clients.

How can you choose the best specification for your Magazine printing? Most magazines are printed in thin paper or 60-80 gsm paper with natural gloss finish of the paper. This makes the magazine light weight and easy to carry around.  If you want your magazines to be thicker, then you can use 100gsm or 120gsm papers. The cover will be used mostly in 128- 157 gsm Paper to give a thicker cover. All covers will be laminated on top side, it bring out the colors in the magazines. Most magazines are printed in full color as it has more pictures and text and the natural gloss of the paper will give a nice feel to the readers.

Other important aspects of a Magazine are how many pages it has and what should be the binding.  Our suggestion is to go for staple binding, if your magazine is very thin.  This will reduce your cost too. If the thickness of your magazines is more than 5mm, then we recommend using perfect bound binding.

ZRHPrint has years of experience in Magazine printing. We work in tight schedule and deliver the results. If you are looking for a long term partner in Magazine printing, then we are the best choice.


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