The Hardbound Book Printing Will Exist Forever

August 25, 2011

At the beginning of 2003, the U.S. IT magnate Bill Gates visited our country. This showed that the global development trend of the information industry is irresistible. However, when he was visiting the Spain, he said some words to make the printing men have a question. He said that if do not destroy the books and paper, he cannot turn over in his grave.

Because of the development of the digital technology, the network technology and the remote transmission technology, there is a major breakthrough and development in information transmission technology. The electronic books, the web publishing, the online news, the online novels and others are entering the human life. It is a truth for us. As a result, a hot topic began discussing in the printing industry a few years ago: Will the hardbound book printing be replaced according to the digital technology? Does the printing have a future?

After several years of discussion, we basically have reached a consensus that it will have an impact and the absolute value is in the steady upswing stage. However, Bill Gates does not allow us to have peace of mind. Bill Gates believe that the computer screen have conditions to replace all the functionalities of the paper and it has some advantages such as low costs, small footprint, convenience and environmental protection, so to replace the traditional book printing is completely possible.

In my opinion, in the next 100 years, computer screen is not impossible to replace the traditional hardbound book printing. Undoubtedly, the development of the digital technology is changing the traditional printing and the traditional printing starts its transition to the modern printing. It means the digital technology; the network technology and the remote transmission technology can be applied in the printing. It is a big feature of the current hardbound book printing.

A variety of information transfer way started by digital technology will replace some share of the traditional books and newspapers. Nevertheless, as the overall needs of people to hardbound book printing is on the rise, in the next years, the absolute value of the paper printing will have a steady growth. The coexistence of the information transmission network and paper will exist for a long time.

The hardbound book printing will not disappear; the great reason for this is based on the material of a man. When a man appeared on Earth, he is a kind of material. The survival and development of this material may exist in the solid, liquid and gas material forever.

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