The Tips for Cheap Comic Book Printing to Compete with Comic E-books

July 30, 2011

Comic books are unique in the e-book world. It is not like the novel, when you read it; you can get the ebb and flow as the fashion. Comic e-books mainly take pictures as the reading content. It highly depends on layout and design to maintain narrative continuity. Comic is an integral part of the visual arts. On the layout design problem it has no assignable space. Many comic book authors will not reduce the layout and design requirements because most of the current e-book readers have low performance.

Comic book text can be converted into a metadata file with XML tags, after the critical conversion, the text can easily be further converted to a number of e-book format. From Mobi to ePub, everything is ok. Metadata can be used to support network search function. Generally speaking, for the electronic documents of the books, in addition to achieving the reading function, it also can support high efficient search and other new functions.

For comic books, electronic documents usually use the full page scanning or are divided into three or four for scanning by the block frame. The file format is PDF. They take it to simulate the layout of the print comic book. But the picture cannot be changed with the changes of the layout unlike the text. This makes comic books difficult to adapt from the laptop to this e-book reader because of a significant change to the phone screen size. Readers generally use the zoom function to watch partial layout and zoom the content of each frame, at least they should see the dialogue text of the cartoon characters on the screen clearly.

Generally speaking, comic book reading experience will be worse on a screen smaller than the computer. It requires readers more patient and more focus on it.

They should create standards for metadata establishment of image content of the comic books to improve the compatibility of the e-books. It is very crucial for comic e-book to get its position in mainstream publishing channels. How to create metadata is very vital to the future development of the comic e-books. We need to research different kinds of document template and marked project file to do the concrete marks for comic book content.

The organization and planning of comic electronic file metadata will directly affect the competitiveness of the future comic book products. The cheap comic book printing should not satisfy the existing demand for basic reading; they should create good e-books for the future to effectively adapt to the changes and development of the future e-book readers. Like text books, comic books need a thorough deconstruction. We must have to abandon the concept of taking comic book layout and format as a static one. They should cooperate with comic book authors and publishers to develop comic book metadata standards accepted by people. It is not a simple task, but it is very important.

For many big e-book reader companies, they should convert their comic book products to the e-books with good performance, it needs longer time. For cheap comic book printing companies, they should take opportunities to create the complex products.

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