The Electronic Reader for Cheap Book Printing Companies

July 29, 2011

E-books can be defined like this: It is composed by the digital format or converted into digital format to be available on the computer screen or handheld device display as a book. For this definition, we can say that the traditional books and cheap book printing companies need to get the opportunity, or they will be gone.

For this new world with e-books, the Managing Director of the International Digital Publishing Forum Michael Smith made an interesting point. This e-book revolution will certainly not be limited to reading text and photos on the display. Smith predicted that this trend will redefine the content of books. He said: “I think the books are being moved to a new level. It not only includes text and photos, but also it will embed video and website links. Of course, this redefined book will certainly be part of future development prospects of the book printing industry.
Therefore, how can the future of e-books affect the cheap book printing companies? “I have not seen the print will disappear at the moment. For the cheap book printing companies, the biggest challenge is how to face the new situation.” Smith says. Printing companies should choose a way. They should be involved in the digital wave. Or they can walk along the old road to provide the traditional service.
Bill Gates once said: We always overestimate the upcoming changes within the next two years but we underestimated the changes within the next ten years. It can be used for the printing industry. Year after year, the various factors for printing, even the printing medium itself will die and the like as the prophecies appears one after another. But outside we can found printing had been developing over the past ten years. Facing the challenges brought by times, it becomes more complex and more sophisticated.
Smith believes that cheap book printing companies should plan accordingly to provide printed books and magazines for customers while providing e-books. As a printing company, they should make use of the outside firm to handle the job, or they can make a business decision to invest in new technologies and work processes. They arrange all works done under one roof. Smith explained his understanding to participation way of the printing company.
When entering the high end business, printing companies can sign a new service contract to provide e-book format for customers. He said that the printing company should not only promote but also study how to read books on different various platforms through its ability to gain additional income.
When you think of the eBooks, you should imagine it as a commodity which can be purchased rather than free advertising. Making e-books can become a major printing company work, and they need to transfer their energy and attention to it from other fields. The cheap book printing companies can consider cooperating with some e-book service companies. For these companies, the biggest feature is not only we can convert the work but also we should have an extra payment. We should verify the documents to ensure its accuracy.

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