The Analysis on Global Digital Full Color Book Printing Market

July 29, 2011

In recent years, digital full color book printing market has experienced unprecedented changes. The first is the advent of a large number of new inkjet printers. They not only provided users with more high volume transactional printing mail and direct mail option but also they replaced preprinted color covers. Previously, when companies need high volume digital printing, they just can choose the Kodak Versamark printers or other low speed printers, but now they have larger selection range.

Technological innovation also increases digital color printer functions while bringing more choices to users. MICR ink, wider page size and new coating also make digital color printer can meet the needs for more applications. This new printer not only further promotes digital color printer into the mainstream market but also becomes an important turning point of the digital color production development process.

Through the rich production functions on the printer, users can significantly reduce the production steps of digital color printing. For example, the digital solution with coating function can produce digital color marketing material without working after printing for users. Technology progress changed the communication way between companies and customers but also brought the black and white documents into the color world. In addition, it can provide the opportunities to gain benefits through the communication materials.

With the increasingly use of the digital color printing in enterprise communication, the printing companies also are aware of the reaction of different customers to different color elements. Generally speaking, color printing can increase customer awareness and customer response rates.

Digital color production does not only require a color printing factory, prepress and color production experts, color document plate software, color image editing software, printing stream conversion solution and color management system are the indispensable part in digital production working process.

Color experts can produce high quality color printing products. In the design process, prepress operator will adjust color image and color document plate according to the characteristics of one of the digital printers. Once the machine started its printing, professional operators should ensure color accuracy throughout the production process.

Not every file plate solution can support digital color printing. According to the production requirements and the digital color printer they have used, each device can only show the color of one color space and some special colors. For example, the metallic color and light green color and so on cannot be copied on another digital printer. Because of this, users need to use color management tools to covert one color space into another to match with the corresponding color.

When users need to convert the single color documents into the color printer for printing, they should consider image or printing stream converting problems. Many equipment manufacturers can provide users with the basic tools, but users should ensure their products can still keep the accurate output after the production working process. If the business companies can show their value proposition through the digital color printing products, they can not only improve the response rate but also reduce the complaints from consumers to the service.

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