Printing Industry Market Should Be Fractionized for China Book Printing Suppliers

July 29, 2011

For the specialized needs of printing factories and digital express printing shops, OKI Company started the digital express printing shop application program to make a positive response. VDC digital LED print head with a physical resolution of 1200dpi achieved a high precise output. It can perfectly protect the text and lines with beautiful nature. 36p / minute color speed printing and speed RIP processing can provide a guarantee for achieving shorter printing circle and higher printing efficiency. The excellent color management ensured the accuracy and stability of the four-color printing and spot color printing color reproduction.

Printing paper has a adaptable scope of 64-268g/m2 which built a basis for expanding the print product scope and developing the service areas. C9800/9600 has a low end price position among the professional manufactured digital color output devices having similar color quality and efficiency. This reduced the early device investment for the digital express printing shops and printing factories but also it lowered the threshold for the users investing in digital printing. In addition, C9600A3 can directly print long paper and cover page, you do not need to additionally purchase the relevant devices. A multiple using machine can effectively reduce the investment risk.

Although the OKI company currently just introduced the corresponding individual application solutions for the China book printing suppliers, according to the investigation, we can pleasantly be surprised to find that OKI C9800 / 9600 has been appeared in corporate office of the government. For these government offices, they often print color documents. They have a higher requirement to the speed and loading capability of the printer.

At the same time, they have the requirements to the portability of the output devices. Because the office space is very limited, they have a compact and lightweight requirement to the shape of the printer. The laser printer with its fast printing speed can become the first choice of the government office and enterprises. According to the market survey, OKIC9800 / 9600 can perfectly meet the needs of the office but also the high price performance ratio has been recognized by most of the users among the manufactured color digital output devices, therefore, some buyers of the government office will find the goods personally with the advertising of the printer products of the OKI Company.

In 1985, OKI Company entered the Chinese market. For many years, it has been in line with the principle of value for the users to comprehensively strengthen China technology research, China product development and China marketing service system and make efforts to provide printer products with more excellent performance, more reliable quality, wider kinds and fuller services. Today OKI Company will provide the excellent application solution for digital express printing shops, advertising design industry, publishing institution and other industries. It is the best proof for us. We can say that OKI Company is further promoting the popularity of the low end color manufactured digital output devices. With more entrepreneurs and lower operating cost and the sincere business heart, it hands in a good answer paper for all the product users.

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