The Influence to the Print about the Unbalance of the Liquid Ink

September 30, 2010

There is some influence to the print in china about the unbalance of the liquid ink. They are listed as the followings: The first one: the irregular liquid ink transmits. After the liquid ink over emulsification, because of the too much water, plus the function of the mechanical, the water drop stop on the ink [...]

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The Representations for the Unbalance of the Liquid Ink

September 28, 2010

During the offset process, if the fountain solution supplies are not enough, it will cause the blank to be dirt, the picture and words to be pasting plate and the print product to be the waste; but if the fountain solution supplies are too much, the ink will be in emulsification seriously, you also can [...]

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The Common Solving Ways for Thick Stick

September 21, 2010

Although the cause reason for the thick stick is very complex when we are doing the china printing, it is remain having some rules for us if we analyze seriously it. For example, the roller gear wheel wear and tear seriously or the gear gap is big, it will cause the thick stick. Here are [...]

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Typical Thick Stick Analysis

September 16, 2010

The following are the typical thick stick analysis for the china printing. You can learn something from it I am sure. The first: gear wheel thick stick. Trouble phenomenon: the whole cover has the thick sticks and the regular one is the ink thick sticks. The reason: the make and installation of the gear wheel [...]

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Thick Stick Trouble and Its Cause Reasons

September 14, 2010

What is the thick stick for china printing? It is the ink dark striation and mark which often is called the thick stick. This is a very common print trouble which is very difficult to solve when it is in the offset lithography. If the thick stick is slight, it will not affect the whole [...]

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The killer for printing security

September 9, 2010

According to the interview, we present the killers for china printing security as the followings: The first: the wrong operation habit. For all the killers, this one is the most powerful, and at the same time its elusive is also the highest, if you want to overcome it, it is the most difficult. In order [...]

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Corporate Security Training Is the Most Important for China Printing

September 7, 2010

Corporate security training is the most important for china printing, compared with the other factors for the printing, it is totally over the individual and equipments, it is related the whole corporate and it is very close related to the corporate culture. I remembered that when I was in the printing quality meeting with the [...]

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