China printing costs hit home

July 29, 2010

China printing costs have reached unprecedented levels, raising concerns that new titles could be delayed or be cancelled. Publishers and retailers are facing possible cuts, delays and the increases as the combination of paper and oil price rises, new labor laws and fluctuations in the US dollar and RMB, which has seen China printing costs [...]


All china printing to highlight economic recovery in 2011

July 20, 2010

Even in the recent global economic downturn, China has been experiencing a stable development for the economic, and it is believed to be the first to recover for the country. One year after the Expo 2010 Shanghai China, the 4th all china printing, China International Exhibition for All Printing Technology and Equipment, at the Shanghai [...]


Digital print has changed the structure for the commercial print for America

July 9, 2010

In America there are 35 thousand dollars enterprises for the printing industry, and the annual income is about 100 billion dollars. The World Color Press is the best one for them. The commercial print, especially theĀ  china printing, covers a big area for us, except for the clothes, the textile, the paper, the metal, the [...]